Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cleaning Your DSLR Sensor

Are you spending alot to have your DSLR cleaned professionally?    There is a wonderful new product called the Sensor Gel Stick which is the same product that camera repair centers use to clean your camera.    The Sensor Gel Stick is safe, effective, and is used by most professionals.  The website lists a detailed tutorial with instructions on how to properly use this fantastic new product to clean your DSLR sensors.

Quit blowing air! Thanks to the Gel Sensor Stick, DSLR sensor cleaning has never been easier! Find out why photogs are using the best gel stick kit!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

There are many places in the world where it is possible to visit three countries in a single day, but the Caribbean is arguably the most beautiful. For less than $200, you can enjoy the distinct cultures of British, French, and Dutch Caribbean in one day. Get ready to add three new stamps to your passport and many new memories to your album. 

Start your day on Dutch Sint Maarten with a trip to one of the many pastry shops and a visit to the beach. There are several beautiful beaches on the island, but two of the best are Kimsha Beach and Mullet Bay. You can rent an umbrella for $5-15, tan under the tropical sun, or take a dip in the crystal clear water. Most of the beaches are excellent for snorkeling on calm days and a few are popular for their surfing waves. 

Mid-morning, take bus across the border to the town of Marigot the French side of the island, Saint-Martin. Buses are relatively easy to navigate and cost only 50 cents per town traveled through. Marigot is a busy little town, full of French shops, delicious restaurants, historical buildings, an outdoor market and even an old fort. Grab a bite to eat at one of the bakeries and take some time to explore. 

Getting to the British island of Anguilla from Marigot is easy. You can purchase a ferry ticket at the dock for one of the many boats leaving the island. The total round-trip cost for ticket and port tax is around $50. The ferry trip is about 20 minutes. When you land on Anguilla, you will immediately feel the distinct change from Saint Martin. Although Anguilla is roughly the same size as Saint Martin, it has only a fraction of the population, no bus system, and wide open spaces without hills. There is a lot to see on the island, but most visitors prefer to experience the world-famous Shoal Bay Beach. You can take a taxi or rent a car to get to Shoal Bay Beach. Once you are there, you can enjoy miles of powdery sand and azure ocean. If you are so inclined, you can rent snorkel gear at the beach and swim out to the nearby reef. Vibrant fish of all sizes flash between rocks and coral, creating a underwater wonderland of life and color. Dinner at the beach is as inexpensive as grilled cheese for $5 a plate, although there are also more fancy options. 

As the day ends, climb aboard the last ferry back to Saint Martin. Be sure to ask for a passport stamp; it’s not always required, but it’s a wonderful souvenir. Your international adventure will end with the sunset behind you and the vermilion hills of the Dutch Caribbean in front of you. 

Todays guest post is by Breanna Johnson of Travel Brochures.Org

Saturday, November 15, 2014

2015 Travel Calendars

Our 2015 Travel Calendars have just been released on Zazzle.    To see my fabulous collection of 2015 Travel Calendars please be sure to check out my Zazzle store*

Below are a few of my favorite calendars for 2015 made with my vacation and travel photos.

Prague 2015 Travel Calendar
Prague 2015 Travel Calendar by TravelWithPaula
Find a unique 2015 calendar online at zazzle
Las Vegas Calendar 2015
Las Vegas Calendar 2015 by TravelWithPaula
View another calendar at Zazzle
Famous Bridges 2015 Calendars
Famous Bridges 2015 Calendars by TravelWithPaula
Look at Bridge Calendars online at

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Prague 2015 Calendars

Today I thought I would share my favorite Prague travel calendars for 2015. Prague, or Praha as they say in the Czech Republic is a very beautiful capitol city. This calendar would make a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Prague or just loves european travel in general.

Prague 2015 Travel Calendar
Prague 2015 Travel Calendar by TravelWithPaula
Check out 2015 Calendars online at zazzle

Prague 2015 Travel Calendar
Prague 2015 Travel Calendar by TravelWithPaula
Look at more Prague Calendars at zazzle

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Best of Las Vegas

Today I am writing about a few of my favorite places in Las Vegas.
Best Italian Restaurant:  Trevi (in Caesars Palace Forum Shops)
Best Chain Restaurant:  Cheesecake Factory also (in Caesars Palace Forum Shops)
Best casino resort for a deal on a hotel room:  Southpointe (off-strip) be sure to sign up for their e-mail list
Best Shopping:  Las Vegas Premium Outlet Malls (corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Warm Springs)
Best Place On Strip For Souveniers:  ABC Store in Planet Hollywood Shopping Center
Best Pool:   Caesars Palace pools
And last but not least Best Las Vegas Calendar:

Big Las Vegas Calendar 2015
Big Las Vegas Calendar 2015 by TravelWithPaula
Find another Zazzle Calendar

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Great Backup Photography Gadget - Mportable

Today I would like to tell my readers about an awesome new photography gadget that I just learned about.  It is called MPortable and my friends who are developing it are launching a project for it on indidgogo.    For those who are not familiar with it indiegogo is a crowdsourcing platform for entrepreneurs to raise funding to make their dream products a reality.

The gadget is MPortable and it is is a lightweight, highly reliable backup device for photographers to use while traveling. It allows users to backup memory card to solid state disk without a computer. More than a simple backup device, it can work with iPad or other tablets via wifi. The Smart Preview feature makes it fast to preview large RAW files on iPad in a second. Users can preview and sort the photos with its powerful app easily. And it can work like a wireless hard drive also. Travelers can view any movies, documents saved in the device with an iPhone. With the MPortable device, travelers won't have to bring a laptop on the road. This looks like a very cool gadget for photographers so please be sure to support it on indiegogo.   I really like the idea of not having to travel with a laptop to be able to back up your digital photographs.

MPortable is being developed by a startup company called MAJC IT and they hope to have it in production and shipping sometime in November of 2014. The device will come in versions ranging from 64G to 512G with a price range of $139 to $440.

To read more about this awesome project on IndieGogo please visit 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The South of France

I absolutely love the french riviera and have been there a couple of times over the years.   My favorite town in the south of France has to be Cannes.   But Nice, St. Tropez, and the other towns are really nice too!  I stayed in Canne at  the Carlton hotel many years ago and really enjoyed the beach that was across the street.  

For my next trip to the south of France I will most likely be considering  french riviera villa rentals for a place to stay.  There are many nice hotels on the french riviera but I really like the idea of having a villa with more space and a kitchen.

I came across these lovely french riveria products on Zazzle and thought I would share them.

cannes beachside postcard
cannes beachside postcard by cardart
Add your photo to postcard designs from Zazzle.
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